Episode – 34 Bard Ionson


Hello and welcome to ArtBox. In this episode Jason talks to Bard Ionson. Bard is an artist trained in programming and his practice is about distortions in reality. His engagement of artificial intelligence (A.I.), oscilloscope animations and glitch scanning is reflective of  theses distorted realities. Bard’s usage of a computer to create his work, has an organic human touch to it. They talk about what drew Bard to AI , his influences and his collaboration with Lawrence Lee. Jason also asked Bard about where he thinks crypto art is heading. If you want to learn more about Bard’s work you can go to his website at https://bardionson.com. Bard is on Instagram at @Bardionson. Many thanks to Bard for doing the interview and a thank you to you for listening!

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