Episode 7 Interview with George Koch

ArtBox sits down with George Koch at the Smithsonian American Art Museum / National Portrait Gallery’s atrium at talk about his involvement in many of DC’s art institutions


Episode 6 Words of wisdom

It’s another episode of ArtBox! Since it’s the new year and all, I thought why not take a close listen to Teresa Oaxaca, Erik Sandberg and Sheldon Scott what advice and tips they have to establish one’s self in the art world. And I give a tip myself! Happy year!

Episode 5 interviews with Amanda and Shin

In this episode Jason Interviews Amanda the Gallery Director at Hamiltonian and Shin from Shin Gallery. Amanda was interviewed on the beach at the Pulse art fair and Shin was interviewed in the gallery’s both inside the Untitled Art Fair. A great big thank you to both Amanda and Shin as well as both Pulse Art fair and Untitled Art Fair.